Winning the Battle

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Pressure sensed under the first Metatarsal is delayed, filtered or not sent to the brain at all.

Controlling and balancing your posture and gait depends on your brain’s awareness of every part of your body.  It’s called proprioception and it works like a human operating system similar to your computer’s operating system telling it what to do.  Your brain continuously collects information from your whole body including the contact pressures under your feet.  When you’re walking on flat surfaces including the flat surface inside your shoes, these signals are delayed, filtered and sometimes missing.  Without the proper signals, your posture becomes defensive and your gait distorted.

Walking barefoot on grass or dirt restores proprioception.  That’s not an option when living and working in Western civilization, so for decades, doctors have propped you up on arch supports and shims to straighten your body, but you’re not a house on a foundation that can be shimmed as needed.  Moving is your life so the problem needs a dynamic solution.

You have the computer—we have the software.

For all the signals to reach your brain, the first metatarsal head, the base of the big toe needs to be on the ground.  It can’t be elevated as is the case for over 80% of the population including those who have Morton’s Foot Structure (Morton’s Toe).  The working part—the Kinetic Technology™ is the small geometric shape you’ll find on all ProKinetics® Insoles.  It is placed under the first metatarsal to stimulate full proprioception as soon as your forefoot hits the ground. Without it, the propericeptive signals may be delayed until 80-90% of the contact gait cycle is over and that’s too late for your brain to execute it’s programs.

The geometric shape underneath the First Metatarsal restores full proprioceptive stimulation.

ProKinetics® Insoles are very different and a  little controversial. With billions invested in fashionable shoe technologies with zippy names, arch supports and new cushioning materials, that’s expected.  A little controversy is often associated with breakthrough technologies but ultimately the proof is in the pudding: Well over 100,000 users have established that ProKinetics delivers lasting results. Clinicians all over the world who specialize in posture and motion agree that the feet are vital in maintaining proper posture and mechanical alignment.  More ProKinetics® Insoles have been purchased for knee, hip and back pain than foot pain because when properly aligning the body on a daily basis, the causes of musculoskeletal pain just goes away.

ProKinetics® Insoles do something very simple. They restore the proper dynamic relationship between the ground and your feet by changing the timing of when your first metatarsals sense enough pressure to stimulate proprioception.  The Kinetic Technology™ dimensions depends on the physical configuration of your feet.  Click here to learn how much correction you need.