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Joining the PGA Learning and Performance Center team of Joe Hallett, David Donatucci, Eric Hogge and Rich Woolever, Bjorn and Melady Svae helped evaluate posture and body mechanics of over 40 junior golfers from Denmark. Mr. Donatucci says: “Improving posture and body mechanics may improve your game more than a new driver.” The PGA Learning and Performance Center recommends ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance Insoles™ to their clients to stabilize the forefoot and postural foundation.

ProKinetics launched this summer at the National Athletic Trainers Meeting in San Antonio Texas. Unfortunately our brand new insoles were stuck in customs until the last day, so we had to settle for show and tell using our samples. Fortunately we had lots of Solemate® MicroLifts™, and since there were a lot of female registrants wearing high heels that worked out well. Solemate® can be stuck to the foot or the shoes and works great in sandals and high heels.

We made a few new friends including a guy who could bench press our entire exhibit–literally–fully staffed! Mike Bridges is a multiple world champion weight lifter who just recently set another world record squatting over 800 lb.

Tommy Smith let the audience relive the events at the 1968 Olympic Summer Games in Mexico City. He was the key note speaker at the All Sports Clinic in Seattle.


The concept of using the body’s proprioceptive system to correct the foot function, posture and body mechanics is new to many professionals, so we take every opportunity to teach. Over the last few years we have taught foot and postural mechanics to a variety of medical professionals, and we are exited about receiving more invitations to address sports coaches and trainers.

ProKinetics eliminates natural barriers to athletic performance that are difficult to spot and can’t readily be overcome by strength training or conditioning. A small change in posture and body mechanics often provide the sought after championship performance edge.



Walking and running are great sports, but don’t take it for granted that your body is all set up for slogging out the miles. If your body, and especially foot mechanics, is off, you may be paying a hefty price for the runners high and that may be on top of what you already paid for your orthotics.

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