ProKinetics® UltraThin Posture Control Insoles® are the original insoles introduced by ProKinetics in 2001.  Over a decade of experience has demonstrated that this insole concept has the ability to dramatically change gait and posture to alleviate both foot, joint and muscle pain.  The original medical grade insoles fits underneath or on top of your removable insole and is perfect for all shoes including dress shoes.  These trim to fit insoles are easy to use and although we recommend a break-in period, they feel comfortable right from the beginning.  The break-in is recommended to allow your muscles to gradually adjust to your new posture and mechanics.

Ultrathin with 1 archThe insoles are made from durable synthetic rubber, feels medium firm and are covered with a synthetic suede cover.  The insoles are available in three models offering 3.5 mm, 6.0 mm and 9.0 mm¹ correction and with two levels of firm arch supports.

Runners who prefer ultra thin barefoot–like shoes love these insoles for balancing their feet on flat pavement and to increase strength and endurance.  They get the correction needed without loosing the sense of ground contact they desire.

¹ 9.0 mm correction is offered by professional providers only.