ProKinetics® Perfect Fit™ is a special kit available in North America containing two pair of ProKinetics® UtraThin Posture Control Insoles® 3.5 and 6.0mm Kinetic Technology™.  This package was created specifically for people who favor the middle and outside of their shoes because they subconsciously muscularly guard against overpronation (supinate).  Starting treatment with the 3.5 mm insoles will relax the muscular bracing pattern in preparation for graduating to 6.0 mm correction.

perfect fit no2 archUltraThin Posture Control Insoles® are made from  durable synthetic rubber insoles with antimicrobial suede–like cloth cover. They are available without or with two levels of arch supports.

They are intended for dress shoes and shoes which do not have removable insoles, and may be worn underneath the original insoles in shoes with removable insoles. The thin construction makes these insoles very versatile.  The Kinetic Technology™ stimulates the feet to operate in better alignment which also enables natural cushioning—softer heel strike and elimination of high pressure points.