About Posture Dynamics and ProKinetics

When you’re in pain, you want real solutions that work based on a true understanding of the underlying cause. This is why taking a closer look at ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ is a smart idea. Our insoles are used worldwide by professionals as an integral part of treating chronic pain— by individuals as a self-help tool to overcome common head-to-toe musculoskeletal pain and by athletes to improve their body mechanics and performance.

Posture Dynamics owns the ProKinetics® Insoles brand and we are committed to helping people stand, walk, run and play with confidence, without constant worry about injury, pain and discomfort. We bring experience to the table and a line of insoles for troubled feet that help restore normal function and gait.

These insoles are based on a revolutionary technology that has been proven with over 100,000 individuals over the last decade.  They are designed for the 80% of people who overpronate and/or supinate their feet by adapting their feet to cope with their artificial flat environment.   Our core technology, the Kinetic Technology™, was first developed by an “outside-the-box” thinking podiatrist who realized that most feet are adapt poorly to walking on flat surfaces.

Working with clinicians representing a multitude of specialties we quickly learned that our insoles aren’t just for foot pain as the body depends highly on the feet for proper body mechanics and posture.   Strength, speed, agility and endurance all depend on optimized foot mechanics, something that can only be facilitated dynamically using our subtle technology.

Our clinicians  understand the root causes of acute and chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain which has given hope and relief to thousands. Our coaches and athletic trainers understand the limitations feet can place on athletic performance and why ProKinetics® Insoles frees their athletes up to new levels of performance with less injuries.

We are committed to bring our technology into the main stream of the medical and footwear industries by relentlessly encouraging anyone who will listen to experience the difference between conventional foot support technology and our dynamic technology.   We are absolutely convinced we have a more efficient solution  for maintaining better musculoskeletal health and longevity.